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Updating The Bathroom On A Small Budget


1. Cleaning the Bathroom: This is one of the most effective ways to initially update the look of your bathroom. A good, through clean will often work wonders and it does not cost a great deal, just a bit of hard work and time. Start at the entrance and work through it slowly. Place items in box that you want to throw away, others in a box to give to charity and the rest either stays in the bathroom or moved elsewhere.

Under the sink, empty out all the cupboards and try to free up as much space as possible. The aim here is to try and clear all the counter-tops and areas around the sink of clutter. Freeing up space will allow you to put all the counter-top items in there and hidden away. If your shower has mildew or mold on it then a great way to clean it is with a mixture of water and bleach in a spray bottle. You will be amazed at how quickly the caulking and grout comes up sparkling white.

Image via dispenser.com

Image via dispenser.com

2. Window and Shower Curtains: Using a cleaning agent such as Oxi Clean, curtains can quite easily be washed. If you have blinds, they can often be washed under the shower. If your shower curtain is looking a little tired then they are quite easy and cheap to replace, costing in the region of around twenty dollars. You can also replace any window dressing with new paper blinds which are cheap and easy to cut to the required size. After a couple of years they can easily be replaced.


3. Cabinets: One of the biggest things that can make your bathroom look outdated is old bathroom sink vanities. The can also be quite expensive to replace. Even just replacing the doors or having them refaced can be an expensive exercise. First of all, they need a thoroughly good clean to bring out the best in them. This way you will be able to see what you are working with. With a good clean they may not need any further work, but they can be repainted if the surface is marked or damaged. Another good option is to replace the knobs. These are easy and cheap to replace and make a surprisingly big difference to the look of your bathroom vanities.

4. Re-painting. Painting a bathroom can improve the appearance quite remarkably. Applying a completely different color or just a fresh coat of paint will make many bathrooms look like new. Earthy, natural colors are particularly in vogue at the moment. It should be possible to re-paint many bathrooms for under thirty dollars.

If you follow these simple steps you could have a new, modern looking bathroom that looks considerably different. It should not be too expensive either with all the work being done quite easily for under one hundred dollars.




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