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Ultimate Guide to a Quality Bedding at an Affordable Budget


I remember when I first got married. I was pretty naive and didn’t really know the difference between quality bed linens vs cheap quality bedding. I basically saw all the sheets to be the same. The first sheets I ever brought was on sale for $10.00 bucks! Yes, you read right, ten measly dollars. I was completely flabbergasted.

I was expecting to spend more than $40.00 on a full-size sheet set. The designs weren’t all that bad but for that price, who even cares right? Wrong! I got exactly what I paid for. The sheets were hard and stiff. I brought 5 sets of sheets because of the price and was disappointed by all of them. They were pretty thin, stiff and very uncomfortable to sleep in. At times they even made me itch for some strange reason. After two washes they began to deteriorate. I don’t remember my mom’s sheets to be this horrible to sleep in? My mom still had the same sheets I used as a teenager and the sheets I brought didn’t last me more than a month.

What could have gone wrong? Did I not washed the sheets the wrong way? Did they get attacked by massive wolves while I was sleeping and that explains the wear and tear of the sheets? No, I just made the biggest mistake of purchasing low-quality bedding.

When purchasing bed linens, we must first pay close attention to the quality of the bedding and less on the price. Always remember, the price comes after quality when purchasing bed linens. I am not saying to go spend over $1,000 in one set of sheets. Believe it or not, you can get high-quality sheets for under $100.00.

The first step in purchasing any type of bedding piece whether it be bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases is to always check the description label that is usually found on the package or on the description section if you are shopping online. Stay away from those that do not offer any type of description about the product. Always make sure to look at the measurements and size of the bedding. This is very important when purchasing bedding especially duvet covers. Purchasing the wrong size duvet cover will leave an unappealing look to the bed and we definitely wouldn’t want that. A duvet cover with the same exact measures of the comforter or 2 -3 inches more is always best.

Next, we must look at the Thread Count. The thread count will determine the quality of the bedding. Thread counts of over 150 is fair, while 200 or more is considered to be high-quality items. The fabric can also play an important role when purchasing bedding. I always prefer to purchase 100 % cotton sheets. Cotton is more breathable which equals comfort and a better night’s sleep. Egyptian cotton is one of my favorite types of cotton. It is considered to be the king of cotton due to its luxurious feel and durability. It is a known fact that Egyptian Sheets last after many washes because it has the ability to create extra-long staples.

These are just some of the important factors to consider when purchasing bed linens whether it be in a department store or online. Years have gone by since my first purchase of the cheapest bed sheets I have ever seen and I am not only talking about price. I have learned my lesson and now pay close attention to quality and less on price.




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