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Contemporary Wool Rugs Braided In Solid Colors


If you really love the idea of a braided rug, the durability and the thick texture, and would like to incorporate a piece either at the entrance or on a porch or deck, or even in a kitchen or dinning area that gets lots of traffic, but just can’t bring yourself to buy one of the traditional multicolored designs that are so common, then here’s some good news: braided rugs come in beautiful natural solid colors that match contemporary decors!

Another plus is that braided rugs needn’t be the old cotton rag style ones, but are now part of the contemporary wool rugs in fine collections that are crafted by manufacturers you can trust. Yes, hand braided designs are durable, but often the rag quality varies in the carpet, and the stitching may be less than perfect. So having a machine manufactured braided rug can save some headaches if the quality of the fibers is uniform throughout, the color is dyed to one exact tone that suits your style and the stitching is well done on high powered machines.So what wool braided rugs are the best?

Source modernrugs.com

Source modernrugs.com

That’s a bit tricky because it will depend on where they’ll be used, but for high traffic areas or entryways and porches, even under kitchen tables and dinning sets or in front of a fireplace that may see a few wood chips from time to time, the best are probably the ones that are reversible and although they are solid colors, not patchwork styles or braided tones that start out one shade and end up another, but the wheat colored designs that have a sort of fleck of mottled colors throughout, all in the same tones. These will look natural and uniform colored, soft wheat, but will not show the dirt or flecks of dust or other stains very easily. There’s one that’s great by manufacturer Colonial Mills, called the Adams Evergold Mix braided rug, and it’s reasonably priced starting at just over $40 for small oval shapes, going up about as pricey and massive as you like with a round 10 by 10 style being over $700. However, the design is such that it will be durable and easy to keep clean. Colonial rugs also make some less traditional shapes, like the braided rugs that are rectangular. These are 35% wool, as most contemporary wool rugs, with a durable blend of polypropylene so that the fibers are resistant to outdoor or high traffic usage. One of the least traditional designs is the one called Westminster, which is the rectangular braided rug that comes in some great solid colors to match modern decorating themes, like: soft natural oatmeal, medium green palm, rich taupe, rosewood that tends to be a mix of India red and Sienna, Evergold which is a natural yellowish golden color that blends well with pine and natural or rustic wood furnishings, and classic federal blue which is soft and cool for summer deck and patio usage.

A Westminster Rug | Source homedecorators.com

A Westminster Rug | Source homedecorators.com

No there’s no need to have old fashioned braided rugs in odd colors when you can have gorgeous contemporary styles and natural colors that are even more durable than ones traditionally braided by hand.




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