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Blinds, Shades Or Curtains What To Choose


The budget most families have to set aside for the dressing of all the windows when they move into a new home is rather impressive and can run into thousands of dollars. Two factors affect this amount the fact that we have many windows to cover, and the other that not all families can afford large amounts at a time when they have other moving expenses. Regardless of the total budget, you have for your window dressing, it is not a decision to make without much thought and preparation. Get as much information as you can before making your final choice and you will probably not regret it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

If the room receives a lot of sun, you will need slightly thicker materials for your curtains or shades, in order to filter a little more of the sun’s harmful rays, and protect your furnishings. If on the other hand, the room needs more light, then choose a light voile which will be more conducive to a soft light all day.

 Source: AliExpress.com

Source: AliExpress.com

Voile is light and transparent and lets a lot of light in while keeping unwanted glances from the outside where they belong, and still allowing you to see what is on the other side of your window. It can be white or any color you want, it can have prints or some embroidery. If you choose voile curtains with prints or colors match them or contrast them with your walls for a better effect.

For blocking more light from entering the room, you might choose drapes or curtains that are heavier. Lined curtains work very well, and they are available in many colors and prints, as well as many choices of materials.

Blinds come in many different models, and can be opened to let all the available in, they can be closed but with the slats oriented to permit some light in, or entirely closed to block out all light. For this reason, blinds are very popular. Blinds can be made of vertical or horizontal slats, in plastic, metal, wood or fabric.

Source: baliblinds.com

Source: baliblinds.com

A cross between blinds and curtains is the Roman shade. Usually made of fabric but not always, it works like a blind in the fact that it folds on itself when you raise it, and it looks more like a curtain when it is lowered. The materials, colors, and look of Roman shades are as varied as are blinds and curtains.

Finding the right window covering can be time-consuming, and while you are looking or saving for the best one, you might consider installing inexpensive pleated paper blinds. These blinds will filter the light, give you privacy and they can stay on your windows a long time. They look good and give you all the time you need to really prepare your next move toward a permanent window dressing solution.




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