| 2020 | January

  • Buyer's Guide

    Ultimate Guide to a Quality Bedding at an Affordable Budget

    I remember when I first got married. I was pretty naive and didn’t really know the difference between quality bed linens vs cheap quality bedding. I basically saw all the sheets to be the same. The first sheets I ever brought was on sale for $10.00 bucks! Yes, you read right, ten measly dollars. I was completely flabbergasted.

    I was expecting to spend more than $40.00 on a full-size sheet set. The designs weren’t all that bad but for that price, who even cares right? Wrong! I got exactly what I paid for. The sheets were hard and stiff. I brought 5 sets of sheets because of the price and was disappointed by all of them. They were pretty thin, stiff and very uncomfortable to sleep in. At times they even made me itch for some strange reason. After two washes they began to deteriorate. I don’t remember my mom’s sheets to be this horrible to sleep in? My mom still had the same sheets I used as a teenager and the sheets I brought didn’t last me more than a month.

    What could have gone wrong? Did I not washed the sheets the wrong way? Did they get attacked by massive wolves while I was sleeping and that explains the wear and tear of the sheets? No, I just …

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